The new standard for digital engagement solutions 

BambuMeta is the complete package when it comes to digital engagement, offering comprehensive features that elevate your company to the next level

BambuMeta’s features empower your marketing and communication strategies in every way. Whether BambuMeta is making it easier for you to create digital engagement, wallet passes or adding analytics to show you where to improve, these features are designed to help you grow and succeed.

These capabilities are focused on enriching user experiences, delivering your messages, and deepening your connection to consumers.

Every BambuMeta combines digital asset management, content management, marketing automation, and engagement in one platform!

BambuMeta is a robust enterprise solution that effectively tackles all the issues behind disconnected experiences.

We bridge the functionality gaps that slow your growth, expose your company, and cause you to lose business.

Creating comprehensive and tailored solutions that improve customer experiences at scale while simplifying processes and providing innovative tools that drive success. 


Manage customer relationships easily with BambuMeta. Use digital wallet cards to send messages, reach your audience, track what they like, improve their experiences, and introduce them to new products, promotions, and benefits

Digital Wallet Solutions

Digital wallet solutions are the best way to communicate with users as they are truly mobile-first, position you at the top of consumers' screens, work seamlessly with other tools, and can adapt to your marketing needs and goals

Dynamic Messaging

Every brand wants its target audience's attention, and BambuMeta can help you get it. Notifications at the top of the screen can sidestep consumers' disinterest and create engagement when needed

Location Based Automation

One of the best ways to get shoppers in your store is to remind them you are there just as they are walking by, this is what location-based notifications can offer you. These notifications attract more visitors and improve sales by nudging the people closest to your stores

Personalized Programs

Personalized loyalty programs are a powerful marketing resource to build stronger client relationships and run successful campaigns. BambuMeta helps you create unique loyalty programs that speak directly to your consumers

Coupon Interaction

The evolution of the coupon is here, and it's digital, sleek, and powerful. With BambuMeta, you can create, track, and collect data on each coupon you send out. Plus, you can seamlessly update, activate, or pause campaigns whenever you want 

Beyond Brand Customer Insights-Reporting and Analytics

Data is one of the keys to successful marketing strategies, so we ensured that BambuMeta’s platform offered analytics and reporting to help you improve with each campaign

Companies using BambuMeta

Our partners are all industry leaders who have found in BambuMeta a solution that exceeds their expectations and matches their DRIVE for dedication, relevance, innovation, velocity, and excellence.