Simplifying communication and improving user experiences in multiple industries

BambuMeta’s flexible and dynamic uses are at the core of who we are. We build solutions that will adapt and grow with each client

We are proud to have partnered with companies in various industries, and that our platform has always provided an answer to their requirements while rising to every challenge successfully.

While every case varies in audience, consumer, challenge, and experience, they all share a common thread: customization.

Our focus on individual needs is what makes BambuMeta the marketing and innovation partner you want, to us you are unique, and the solutions we create for you reflect that.

1 Insurance

Insuring a great user experience

BambuMeta uncomplicates Proof of Insurance and Certificate of Insurance procedures to make using your insurance as effortless as opening your phone

We are the first platform to integrate mobile-first management with existing CRM and insurance administration systems, making it easy to use our solution alongside the tools you already have.

BambuMeta is an exceptional communication and marketing hub for insurance providers allowing them to share information with clients, send reminders, and improve marketing actions all from one platform.

Facilitate processes by sending real-time push notifications to users so they can easily complete documentation, receive proof of insurance, renew their policies, and more​

Make follow-ups easier so you can get from submission to commission effortlessly ​

Unlock a new lead generation channel by sharing promotions and marketing campaigns directly to clients' phones

Create a direct communication channel to promote new product awareness and generate additional sales

Consolidate all products and distributors into one location for your clients

Maximize upsell potential during life-changing events or open enrollment by improving user experiences

Streamline clerical data entry

Go paper-free! BambuMeta is a more sustainable and secure option than a physical card 

2 Retail

Marketing activations that stand out and create real engagement

Drive your marketing efforts

Using BambuMeta to drive your marketing efforts gives you the advantage of bypassing traditional obstacles and going straight to the top of shoppers' screens, making your brand's voice more noticeable and effective.

Improve your communication

Improving your communication with customers will open new marketing opportunities and help you see results in both engagement and sales metrics. It’s time to embrace a mobile-first approach that puts you in the hands of the people you want to reach.

Deliver promotions and coupons directly to your consumers, boost sales, and strengthen your relationship with your target audience 

Deliver promotions, coupons, discounts, and other material straight to users' phones

Create all types of campaigns in less than 10 minutes and automate them to work for you

Manage digital assets, content, and customer relationships from one platform

Use geolocation triggers to send push notifications close to your storefronts to drive sales and visits

Provide excellent user experiences to improve brand awareness and consumer relationships

Build a solid bridge between your online and offline experiences

Keep track and collect data from all your promotions, coupons, and discounts

Maximize upsell potential during sales, promotions, or active marketing campaigns

Create awareness and generate additional sales for new products

Easily update, pause, or re-start promotions

Personalize designs and experiences to engage your target audience

What can BambuMeta do for you?

Take a look at all the ways BambuMeta can achieve your goals. Our solutions can help you improve direct communication with consumers, ramp up sales, increase the reach of your marketing campaigns, strengthen customer loyalty, and more! 

Create Digital Engagement

Become a top-of-mind brand for your target audience by delivering the best user experience. Use truly mobile-first communication to deliver messages directly to your consumers and get the engagement you’ve been looking for

Increase Sales

Maximize the reach and efficiency of your marketing actions by placing your messages at the top of consumers' screens. BambuMeta delivers coupons, discounts, and promos directly to users seamlessly with a higher retention and click rate than ever before

Location Targeting

Use BambuMeta’s location-based triggers to efficiently target, engage, and message those at your competitors' doors and close to you to get them into your stores. You can also use BambuMeta’s digital wallet passes to organize events and connect with local communities

Safely Share Information

Never worry about sending and requesting documentation for policies, signups, and renewals with BambuMeta. Send your members and clients crucial information and confirm the authenticity of documents, invites, and more with just one tool

Raise Revenue

Hit all your revenue targets by engaging with consumers in the right way. BambuMeta helps you become truly mobile-first, build stronger relationships with customers, and boost your sales tactics with a communication tool that works in today’s market

Lower Marketing Costs

Increase LTV and decrease customer acquisition costs by using one platform that combines asset and content management, campaign creation, marketing automation, engagement, and more! Create a marketing hub with BambuMeta that reduces the need for other costly services

Increase Brand Recognition 

Provide attention-grabbing user experiences that build stronger relationships with consumers. Align your brand with mobile-first communications, fast and easy interactions, and efficient message delivery

3 Membership

Seamlessly run and grow your membership programs

Give your members a high-quality experience that elevates your program and makes it a staple in their lives

BambuMeta will help you build a successful membership program that improves your members’ experiences, encouraging them to join and making it easier for them to access benefits, marketing initiatives, events, and more.

Our membership cards allow you to customize everything from features to the look and feel of your digital wallet passes to create something unique to your needs.

Streamline your marketing, promotions, events, and more with BambuMeta.

Give every member a card with their profile, picture, and general information 

Deliver prioritized and location-based push notifications for events, promotions, and more 

Streamline your membership program processes from end to end 

Increase membership program awareness, reach, and adoption

Easily reach out to members for information, membership renewals, and to facilitate other administrative processes 

Manage bulk membership uploads easily

Add interactive links for rewards, profiles, and payments

Create a central hub for all your products, information, and marketing

Maximize your upsell potential or contribution generation with an improved user experience and efficient message delivery