Enhance communication and user experiences with BambuMeta

BambuMeta uncomplicated Proof of Insurance and Certificate of Insurance procedures to make using your insurance as effortless as opening your phone

Digital wallets can transform how you communicate and manage information with insurance customers.

BambuMeta helps you to make lengthy procedures a thing of the past and provide the best insurance experience possible.

Use just one platform to manage your relationship with users from start to finish. 

How does BambuMeta work 
for insurance?

Easily shares Proof and Certificate of Insurance
Sends push notifications to complete procedures, market new products, renew policies, and deliver messages
Puts all your products, distributors, and updates in one place
Empowers your marketing efforts, delivers messages straight into your target’s hands, and increases lead generation
Makes it easier for people to use their insurance in case of emergencies
Maximizes upsell potential and opens enrollment by improving user experiences

Why should you use BambuMeta?