Unify online and offline experiences with BambuMeta

Say goodbye to disconnected experiences by using a platform built to move you from the spam folder to the top of consumers’ screens

Build stronger relationships with your target audience by speaking directly to them using digital wallet cards.

BambuMeta allows you to send messages, promotions, and coupons that help you skip to the front of the line and capture the attention of your customers.

How does BambuMeta work 
for retail?

Ensures your coupons, promotions, and discounts reach your target audience directly on their phones
Drives sales and visits with location-based push notifications that attract people to your stores
An all-in-one platform that creates and manages all your campaigns, content, and customer relations
Provides excellent user experiences that bridge the gap between offline and online actions
Gains important insights by tracking and collecting data from all your promotions, coupons, and discounts
Maximizes marketing campaigns and upsells potential during sales, promotions, and new product announcements 

Why should you use BambuMeta?